Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Power of One

While I was at work today, I had a conversation with my boss. Now my boss, John, is the Vice President of Retail Sales for the ENTIRE company. He has a huge responsibility just within that business. To say the least, he's kind of a big deal. Last summer, he also took on a position with the sponsors' board for the National FFA Foundation. It is a position which he says he considers to be another job. John essentially has two jobs, but it's what he does with them together that makes a difference.

As we were speaking today, John's eyes got big, his voice started getting louder, and his hands began to fly. He was getting so fired up about one particular subject- not his kids, not meeting the sales objectives for the spring, and not the creation of a new product. Instead, he got fired up about FFA!

Agricultural Education. 
Youth in agriculture. 

THAT is what fueled the passion John couldn't keep to himself. John's excitement centered around finding a way that he could make every single employee in the company aware about FFA and the potential it brings with it. John is busy doing his part to make a difference in those people he interacts with on a daily basis.

This past weekend, I attended an educational and promotional weekend for dairy princesses through Midwest Dairy. Each of the 84 young women in attendance left the event equipped to share their agriculture story and love for dairy with every person they interact with, whether it is a three year-old consumer, a mom trying to feed her kids a healthy diet, or a peer in college. We left with the ability to tell our story effectively.

We all can share our story - growing up on a dairy farm, finding that we love the FFA Public Speaking Career Development Event, or helping our local food shelf - with someone near us. It doesn't have to be to an entire company. Start by telling one person. There are many of us, all with experiences from FFA, 4-H, and agriculture life that can be shared. Begin with one story.

Tell one person.
Share one story.
It all makes a difference.

Just a few thoughts from a farmer's daughter.

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